Custom Manufacturing – Product Realization: Managing every stage of the product’s life

Product realization is the complete process of starting with an idea, engineering a design, sourcing its manufacture, distributing it, and handling remanufacturing issues when applicable.

ISS is unique in that we are equipped to handle every stage of product realization once given an idea:

  • Engineering: Our staff can take your design, refine it in a variety of ways, and develop a production plan.
  • Manufacturing: We manufacture within the United States, and also manage a worldwide network of foreign sources. Whether we manufacture ourselves, source abroad, or mix the two together, we know how to to get the quality, costs and delivery you need.
  • Distribution: Whether you want a sophisticated EDI-based delivery system that ships directly to the end customer, or import/export management, or merely pallets to arrive at a specific warehouse on a specific day, we have a distribution model to fit your company.
  • Remanufacturing & Warranty Exchange: For some products it makes more sense to remanufacture than discard. We can remanufacture it for you when that is the best solution.

Our ability to handle every stage of product realization allows us to be a one-stop-shopping solution for electromechanical parts. We can handle every stage of product realization for your company, or just the individual stages as you see fit.