In-House Engineering Staff

Instrument Sales & Service has an in-house staff of electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, validation and quality engineers. As with the rest of the company, their primary focus is on electromechanical parts. We also use contract engineering resources as needed.

We have dozens of past model service programs and Tier-One/Tier-Two component part programs with full or support turnkey engineering services.

In the event that a critical component reaches end of life, ISS is able to assume full responsibility for all engineering and quality functions. For example, in other programs if a component becomes unavailable, ISS will initiate the redesign of the board to accommodate a new component and follow the process all the way through from initial design to validation testing, and finally to Product Warrant Submission.

ISS engineers are focused on assisting our customers in solving any product engineering problems in a timely manner. We can take a customer’s existing product and build it exactly to their print. If there are quality issues with their current product, we have the expertise to trouble shoot and resolve those issues prior to production. If there are no prints or specifications available, we have the capabilities to test and reverse engineer any product based off client samples. We work with our clients, their current vendors, and many of our internal/external resources to help transition and realize these programs very quickly.

Our engineering team understands every step of the product realization process. We meet all of our customer’s critical product characteristics and documentation requests. We have in-house 3D modeling and prototype capabilities. We have extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and we are able to transfer, consolidate, improve, or build new tooling, test fixtures, jigs, and whole work cells. This is done within our ISS domestic facilities.

If our customer prefers, we will work hand-in-hand with our many global partners to ensure the same level of quality from their components and/or full assembly production. Before any products are sent to the customer ISS engineers will work with the customer to determine a proper validation/verification plan, and will ensure that all products pass all tests with flying colors. ISS is able to expedite this whole realization process while still meeting the strictest quality and documentation requirements.