Our Focus

Instrument Sales & Service operates primarily as a rapid contract manufacturer of electromechanical parts. Once the client identifies a mix of applications they wish to manufacture products for, it is ISS’ responsibility to rapidly develop those parts. Our focus is on delivering speed, quality and exclusivity:

  • Speed: ISS is an extremely versatile company. Our engineering , materials management and logistics teams think in terms of weeks and months, not years. In almost every instance where we perform manufacture, we operate well ahead of the schedule of our client and are often waiting for their approval to proceed. The critical piece in rapidly deploying a new electromechanical product offering is for the client and ISS to work as a team to streamline the specification and approval process. By doing so you unleash ISS to do what it does best—rapid development.
  • Quality: Because of our TS-certified processes, our experienced engineers and our rigorous verification procedures, everything we make for you will stand apart in the marketplace for surpassing quality and fit. Our goal is to bring the same Tier-One OEM quality we provide for companies like General Motors into every product we produce.
  • Exclusivity: Just as we do for other companies, the product we develop for you can be exclusive to you.